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Unfortunately as we get older we are troubled with more medical problems. Often standard appointments with the doctor don’t allow enough time to fully cover many people’s complex health issues. If you are over 75 years of age, you may need a more time for screening of medical conditions and to discuss problems with day to day functioning.


Southern Forests Medical Centre is able to offer a comprehensive health check for all patients over 75 years of age. This is recommended annually and allows for effective monitoring of changes and deterioration in overall function. It involves a thorough history of previous and current medical problems – part of which is conducted by our nursing staff. We also assess current level of function and need for support as part of overall health planning. These health checks can be tailored to needs of the patient and can range from relatively simple to quite complex.


With early detection simple changes and services can be put in place to ensure people remain living happy and well where they choose. Being aware of our physical limitations allows us to be proactive about planning for the future. Everyone wants to have some degree of control over what happens in the future and this form of health assessment will allow many people to do this more effectively.


For further information, please contact our reception team.

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