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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Identifying early detection of certain diseases can make a difference in preventing chronic disease and improve general well-being. It is believed that by promoting health and preventing disease that this will benefit individuals and reduce the amount of illness in our community. 


But what does that mean?


For the average person, it means that we should think more about being actively involved with our health.  Think about our weight, eat a balanced diet (more vegetables), be active and exercise 30 minutes a day (walking is great), don’t smoke, “slip, slop, slap”, don’t binge drink, immunise and think about your mental health.  It also means, visiting your GP and discussing what regular health checks are advised for your age group.  Advice might include cholesterol testing, screening for diabetes, general women’s/men’s health cancer screening, bowel cancer screening, a skin cancer check and maybe a hearing test to name a few.  These all change depending on age, gender and family history. 

Southern Forests Medical Centre offers a range of preventative health clinics that aim at identifying disease early.  Having regular health checks is important so that you can not only live longer but healthier.

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