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A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. It is beneficial for a company to detect serious medical problems in their employees early and ultimately reduce time off work due to illness. A health surveillance medical can be tailored to the needs of the workforce and can be performed on-site to reduce interruption to production.


Essentially, the employee has preliminary blood tests prior to their appointment. These results, coupled with a thorough analysis of the employee’s medical history and physical examination, allows the doctor to provide guidance in regard to any general health concerns. Specific medical treatment is not usually commenced at this appointment as we recommend ongoing medical treatment be managed through their usual GP, however advice and specific recommendations are provided to the worker. We are happy to provide a copy of the medical findings to the employee’s regular GP to aid ongoing management.


The aim is to provide early detection of serious disease, such as heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, etc. Ultimately, early detection can have a huge impact on the future health of individual workers and the stability of your workforce.

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