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Pre-employment (or Pre-placement) medicals are an essential component in assessing whether a person will be able to undertake the duties of a specific position. Early identification of health concerns provides a business with better information to enable it to place the right person in the right job. The main components of these medicals include a detailed history and general physical examination by a doctor, audiometric testing, functional capacity by a trained exercise physiologist, drug and alcohol testing, spirometry and other practice based tests such as ECGs.


Our Pre-employment medicals are fully compliant with all industry standards and can be individualised to meet the needs of any business.


Why Choose Southern Forests Medical Centre?


  • Our doctors and nurses are experienced with the occupational health needs of local industry.

  • These medicals can be tailored for the needs of your business

  • Appointments can be made at short notice

  • Reports are clear, concise and delivered in a short time frame

  • We are local and convenient for Manjimup based businesses

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