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Southern Forests Medical Centre offers an on-site flu vaccination service that will allow for the minimal disruption to your business while ensuring that your staff is ready for the flu season.


The influenza vaccination program is provided by a nurse and doctor in middle to late autumn prior to the beginning of the flu season. We are prepared to come on-site several times to ensure all shifts have the opportunity to access the vaccination program. We also vary the timing to suit the industry (the changeover of shifts is an excellent time to ensure the maximum impact of the service). SFMC views safety as a high priority and so provides appropriate safety measures including emergency equipment and having a doctor present at all times. Influenza outbreaks can have a major impact on a workforce and vaccination programs have been successful in reducing lost time due to illness.


For this on-site service, there will need to be a minimum of 15 people for vaccination.  


Please phone our receptionists to discuss your requirements and the price for corporate rates.

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